Weight loss

So, I’ve had many blogs over the years. Nothing I ever really stuck to. My reason for having one always went away or I lost interest due to life’s complications. Maybe I started them to be trendy and not because I actually had a reason to speak.

This post is about my weight loss journey. I started about a week ago and I’ve already lost 1.6 kilogrammes.

Keeping track of what I have eaten throughout the day has proven most important. I had no idea how many calories I was ingesting. It turns out it was quite a bit. Not only are my serving sizes huge but I’m also eating lower quality food than I expected.

Anyway, I got a new scale that can measure up to 500 pounds and had a metric mode off Amazon. Weighed myself reluctantly a week after it had arrived and had just been sitting around in the box. I threw up in my mouth a little. I knew I was large, I had no idea I was that large. 180 kilogrammes. It shocked me. I’m relatively healthy otherwise. No major health concerns.

So, I strapped on my Fitbit, pulled open the Fitbit app’s food journal and got to work. I have it set to medium difficulty right now because changing your diet is hard but I can at least cut down to a proper amount of calories a day and then 500 more so I can lose some weight.

This blog won’t just be about weight loss though. I’m also going to include anything I do to improve my life for me and my family. For me that includes some programming, a job hunt and sometimes just self reflection, because who’s perfect?

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